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  • I want you, thin fingers, I wanted you, thin fingernails, and when you bend backwards, I wanted you, I needed you, to make me better.
  • (S01E05) But you can't look back, can't look back, can't look back, can't look back, it's impossible.
  • Distance never made me stronger, it tore us apart, and I know I left you questions and a lonely heart.
  • I can never show you what you gave to me, a shape and form of make believe, I wouldn't want to stay here in my incomplete, shaken up realities.
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  • Girl How You Shine.♥
  • A Whisper of Spring.♥
  • Dance Like Never Before.♥
  • can't remember to fortget you.♥
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  • under investigation on suspicion of doing her wrong
  • In the arms of the warmest colour
  • Mass confusion spoon fed to the blind serves now to define our cold society.
  • You're just my type: you got a pulse and you are breathing.
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  • Bring It Home: Dot & Bo Carli Cabana Terrarium
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  • Under $100: Wedge Sandals

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